Why EMB?

EMB allows us to communicate within an organization effectively, members
in the organization can communicate within groups or communicate with
individuals privately.

Using email as a tool to communicate is very common, but there are some problems:
1. One might not know whether recipients have read his mail ( by default ).

2. If many people have replied to your mail, there will be many
replied mails and it may
    be difficult to collaborate.

3. Housekeeping of an email account like purging mails can be time consuming.

4. It can be slow when you send a mail to many people, because many copies of the mail
    have to be sent.

5. When reading mails, one may find that work related mails are mixed with many other
     mails and it can be messy.

6. Once you send a mail with a mistake, there is no way of correcting it.

If you want  to communicate internally  in your organization, then EMB can be a better choice.
The reasons:

        1. The staff in your organization will be more focused in dealing with work related
             electronic communications.

         2. It is more effective not just in terms of speed, it also overcomes some of the drawbacks
             in using E-mail mentioned above.

         3. With the EMB which is used for internal communication and normal E-mail for external
             communication, it will help your staff to compartmentalize their communications with others.

         4. EMB provides some good features for communication, which are described below.  

Some of the useful EMB features are:
      The person who sends the message to a group or individual can:
           1. easily find out who has or has not read the message
           2. read the replies or responses to the message within one screen
           3. send emails out to alert members who have not read the message
        Easy to access message :
          1. Messages can be grouped according to senders, recipients  and posting dates
          2. You can choose to view all messages, unread messages and your own messages

      No housekeeping is required:
          1. Old messages will either be purged away or archived automatically
          2. Users can go to the archive to read messages
        Simple and straight forward to use:
          1.  The screen layout of the EMB is very simple and user-friendly
          2.  Since it is easy to use and straight forward, there is no training requirement

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