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Once logging in to the EMB, you will see a list of messages posted to you. Other than reading
the content of the messages, you can also do many other things such as seeing how many
people have read a message or who has or has not read your message.
A list of things that can be done are given below:

   1.  Read the content of a message and respond to the message if necessary
   2.  Find out people who have already read your message and their responses to the message
   3.  Find out people who have not read your message
   4.  Select what messages to be displayed, such as all messages or  unread messages etc ...
   5.  Sort messages by "posting date", "poster" or "recipient group"
   6.  Email to people who have not read your message
   7.  Update or delete messages you have posted
   8.  Response to the message
   9.  Reply to the message ( different from the response )
A snap shot of the view message screen is shown below:     

All | Unread | Updated | My Messages |    #Messages posted today: 2
Search for in
U Message Heading ViewersU
  25 Oct 13 KOHKT Year End SWC Survey All Staff 75  
3 18 Oct 13 LEESK Department meeting on Wednesday Math Dept 12
  08 Nov 13 ANDREW_ANG Your classroom management matter Private 2
  08 Nov 13 TANSC Administration course for support staff Admin Dept 8
  07 Nov 13 JAMES English marking scheme is attached English Dept 13
  04 Nov 13 KOHKT Important: Minister visit on 21 Nov 2013 All Staff 79  

Headings of the message list
Column 1 (U): To indicate whether the message has been updated and how many times.
Column 2 ( Post Date): This shows when the messgae was posted. It can be clicked to sort the
               dates in descending order.

Column 3 (From): This shows who sent the message. It can be clicked to sort the senders.
Column 4 (Message Heading): This is the heading of the message. Click the heading of the
               message to view content.

Column 5 (Attention): The group to receive the message. Different colours indicate natures
               of the message:

                        Green: For information
                        Purple: Need response
                        Pink Important
                        Red : Urgent
 Column 6 (Viewers): Numbers under this heading show how many people have
                viewed the message.

                If it appears as a hyperlink, then clicking on it will allow you to see who
                have read the message
and also their responses. A list of people who have not
                read the message can also be displayed.

Column 7 (U): A button
 means it is your message. You can click it to update or delete the message.

Display the required messages only
The hyperlinks on top of the message list ( All  |Unread  | Updated | My Message  | ) allow you to select
a subset of the messages you want to view:
All   All messages
              Unread   Messages which you have not read
              Updated    Messages which have been updated by poster
              My Message  Messages posted by you         

Sort the message list
Messages can be sorted by "posting date", "poster's userid" and "group name" the
message is attention to. To do this, simply click the buttons  
in the message list heading respectively.

Find out people who have read the message and their responses if any
For each message there is a number in the "Viewers" column showing how many
people have already read that message, if that number is an hyperlink ( blue color
number eg. 32 ) than you can click that number to find out those people who have
read the message; it also displayed when the people have read the message, their
responses to the message.

Find out people who have not read the message
In the screen which shows the list of people who have not read the message, there is
an hyperlink not read list at the top of the screen, click that and a list of people who
have not read that message will be displayed. 

Email to people who have not read your message
To do that, click the not read list to view a list of people who have not read your
message, at the bottom of the listing there is a button
for you to send
email to those people.

Update or delete your own message
You  are able to update or delete  message you have posted, click  button at the
last column of the message and the message content will be displayed; you can then
update or delete your message.

Response to the message
Some messages require you to respond to it, depending on the instruction given
in the message you may either click on options A, B, C, D or E. Further more
you may enter  brief remarks in the text box below the message. After the
respond, click
button and your respond will be recorded.
See below:

Your response: A    B    C    D    E   

Reply to the message
For messages which do not require you to respond, there is a button at
the bottom of the message and when click on it and the following screen will display,

Message Content:

Reply To Sender Only:       Yes No
Include Original Message: Yes No

What you have to do is to enter your reply and choose your required option
click   button.

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