The Utility function of the EMB allows you to:
   1. View a list of users using the message board
   2. Update your own account, such as your account name and email address
   3. Find out what are the EMB groups you belong to

If you are a group administrator, you can also
   1.  Invite users to your group or remove members from it
   2.  Maintain accounts of the groups you are administrating, such as
        update accounts of the groups and reset passwords of the members
        in your group.

To use the Utility functions, you can click the 
Utility icon in the main menu.
You will see the Utility screen shown below:

Accounts Maintenance
  • View Users List
  • Update my Account
  • View my Grouping

  • Groups Maintenance
    Admin and Support

    Group Accounts Maintenance
    Update Accounts
    Reset Passwords

    View Users List

    In the list, you will see all accounts of the EMB. It displays the
    userid, name and email address of the user.

    Update my Account
    You can update your account name and email address.

    View my Grouping
    Through this, you are able to find out the groups you belong to and
    also who are the administrators of these groups.

    Additional functions if you are a group adminstrator
    Groups Maintenance

    As a group adminstrator, you are able to maintain accounts in your groups.
    In the Utility screen shown above, the current user is the group adminstrators
    of two groups,
    Part-Timers  and Admin and Support. By clicking on the group name
    Part-Timers, he can maintain his group members by adding new members to the
    group or removing existing members from the group.

    Group Accounts Maintenance
    The group administrator can also update accounts of his groups such as updating
    users' names or email addresses. Further more, the group administrator can reset
    passwords of the members who have forgotten their passwords.

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