There are five  main functions  in the  EMB:
   1.  View  messages
   2.  Post  messages
   3.  View  archived  messages
   4.  Utilities
   5.  Administration  ( for EMB administrator only )

How to execute a function
On the top of EMB screen, there is a blue banner acting as a main menu for the user to
select one of the functions. To invoke the function, simply click the corresponding icons in
the banner, see below:
View Messages   Post Message   View Archived Messages   Utility   Administration  Logout eMail | Help | myfriends-->KOHKT | Last:27/11/13 12:21 | #11
Log out function and current user
The EMB banner also shows who is currently logged in by displaying his/her userid.

User  can  also log out  from the EMB banner for security reason.

The default function
When logging in to the EMB, the "View" function is executed and therefore you can see a list
of messages in the first screen after logging in.  

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